Obi of Onicha-Olona

The overall leader of the entire Onicha-Olona community

The Obi of Onicha-Olona is the leader of the entire Onicha-Olona as a community.

The selection process of the Obi is called the Okpala-Bu-Isi process where the highest ranking okpala member from Umolo, Ogbobi and Ishekpe lineage.

The Obi of Onicha-Olona is crowned by the Iyase which is a high ranking Okpala member of Ogbekenu origins and of either the Oseazubuike and Odiokomi lineage

This stool has been collected by various people in the past, which chronologically listed below.

  • Okpokoh from Ogbobi
  • Osakwe from Umolo
  • Odor from Ogbobi
  • Ayegbunem from Umolo
  • Mordi from Umolo
  • Eboha from Ishekpe
  • Odi-i from Ishekpe
  • Nwachi from Ogbobi
  • Okwudionu from Umolo
  • Anwuzia from Ishekpe
  • Iyase

    The most honoured title within the Ogbekenu clan, and the king maker of the whole Onicha Olona. Warrior of the the entire village and traditional birth right of Ogbekenu.

    In Ogbekenu there are only two kindred that can hold the stool of an Iyase, which are:

    • Ose-Azubuike
    • Umu-Odiokomi (Idumuikolo)

    The Iyase can only be crowned by an Nze title holder, in turn only the Iyase is the person even among the Okpala society that can crown the Obi of Onicha Olona.
    The Iyase must be born of true blood within Ogbekenu.

    The Iyase title has been carried by various sons of Ogbekenu as listed below.

  • Ugba
  • Nwaoko
  • Uwezeka
  • Ikemefune
  • Dunkwu-Menye
  • Osedebe
  • Osafiana
  • Joseph Mokwunye
  • Agwuibe
  • Uchemefune
  • Stephen Ejido
  • Obu-Nze

    The most senior Okpala title holder of a particular village or kindred.

    The Nze ideology is shared within all the six villages that make up Onicha-Olona.
    The Nze title is always the most senior Okpala(Ndi-Chi-Mmo).
    His duties are more of an administrative stool, over-seeing the affairs of his jurisdiction.
    The method of selection of the Nze was formerly to get the most senior "person" but it later had to be changed to the Okpala-bu-isi mode of selection, which insinuates that the most senior Okpala (ruling class) title holder was the one to take the position of the Nze title. This had to be made so because it was perceived that some of the title holders from the former method were lazy and reluctant in performing their duties.
    The Nze is the only one that can crown an Iyase in Onicha-Olona.
    Other responsiblities levied on the Nze title holder is to Call for meetings and settle disputes/ issues concerning thr village.

    The Nze of Ogbekenu has been carried by a various list of title holders listed below.

  • Ogbechie
  • Nwabuebo
  • Ochei
  • Oko-Isaka
  • Chiazor
  • Mokwunye Ogwu
  • Osafiana
  • Monye Uzu
  • Nnaka
  • Otakpor
  • Mohanye
  • Kpamiose
  • Thoma Biaonwu
  • Ada Ogbekenu

    Women Leader

    This title is held by a woman. She is seen to be the head of all the women in the village. Her position entails that she handles all disputes that arise in the market and that arise between women in general, she takes up the women related issues to the higher ranking rulers in the event where is can not preside on a matter unanimously. Based on the sensitivity of this position she has to be of Ogbekenu direct heritage (she most be a woman born in the Ogbekenu lineage).


    Leader of the Ebo clan

    This is a leader within the Ebo clan and presides over all matters attaining to Ebo.


    Leader of Idumu

    This is a leader within the Idumu and presides over all matters attaining to the Idumu or Kindred. This position is normally held by the most senior person within the Idumu.


    The enforcers

    This particular person can also be referred to as the Diokpa, He is in charge of settling all disputes within his jurisdiction and also serve as a head in all relevant matters for the particular kindred or village of which he represents.

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