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Akwa Ocha

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ogbekenu is located in onicha olona in anioch north local government area of delta state.


Dance Style



Ogbekenu Community Forum

Core values of Ogbekenu community and Ogbekenu people

Beautiful Landscape

The community of Ogbekenu is one that is situated in a very ripe and beautiful landscape in the great Delta State. We are a very wonderful tourist site, with varying cultural attractions. From our festivals to our general way of life the Ogebekenu people are sure to show travelers another meaning of hospitality


Wonderful People

The Ogbekenu people are very liberal, free spirited people, taught to be very respectful and accommodating, every and any body is welcome at Ogbekenu and segregation is very far from the core of our existence, thus creating the perfectly balanced and open minded set of people.


Great Heritage

We are a people of a singular mind of protecting our great heritage and maintaining the core values that make us Ogbekenu people above all and before all else. We believe that we are and always will be a people who pride themselves in upholding tradition and doing things the right way at all times in matters bordering on the well being of our people

Upcoming Events

The Ogbekenu Development union is a union set up by illustrious sons of ogbekenu, both at home and in diaspora, to deliberate on and proffer solutions to the development of the community at large and have scheduled meeting days, which are normally on the third Sunday of every month.

In these meetings the culture and tradition of our rich heritage is practiced and portrayed to the fullest, still reminding ourselves of where we came from and staying true to our roots

These meetings are held once, every month on the third sunday of the month, the venue for these meetings are rotated between the residence of the members of the Ogbekenu Development Union. It is the best place to connect with the people of Ogebekenu in diaspora and all traditions and culture of Ogbekenu people are showcased at these events. Deliberations are held on bothering issues and progress planning for the sons and daughters of Ogbekenu in diaspora.

There is a sense of belonging that can be found in the atmosphere at these meetings, we also welcome non-indegene's to enable them enjoy the rich display of the Ogbekenu people. All people of Ogbekenu are enjoined to participate in these meetings as this remains the sole means of Ogbekenu people in diaspora to connect with their roots and their heritage even when in faraway lands. The Ogbekenu Development Union has chapters in all countries of the world where our people reside.

About Ogbekenu

Ogebekenu as a kindred comprises of the umu-ose-aubuike, while there also exist the umu-ashama, which are the people who came from other parts to come and settle in the ogbekenu quarters. These people reside in the Odah district of Ogbekenu and are also recognized as people of Ogbekenu.

The traditional greeting of the Ogbekenu people differs from kindred to kindred, thusUmu-Ose-Azubuike and Idumu-Ikolo greet Aje While the Odah Kindred greet Ogbuefi

Within the Umu-ose-Azubuike's there also exists the isi-na-diagbor kindred and other such like kindred. Please read on to find out more about us.

Prominent Members of O.D.U

These are the most prominent members of the Ogbekenu community, they are represented here by the present holders of these titles and posts, however when the time is right they are replaced by successors that meet up to the criteria of each title and position.


Sir (Chief) J.O. Okechukwu


The Obu-Nze can be seen as the oldest person Ichi-nmo in the village. The people belonging to the Okpala class are seen as the ruling class and thus some traditional stools are reserved specially for them and no one else.


Mr. Blank Blank


The Iyase is seen to be the title holder of the warrior of the town this title is given to a person from the Okpala clan (ruling class) of any village. This prestigious office is exclusively the birth right of the people of Ogbekenu.

Ada Ogbekenu

Mr. Blank Blank

Ada Ogbekenu

The Ada Ogbekenu is the most senior daughter of Ogbekenu lineage and she is seen as the leader of the women in the kindred, she is the one in charge of settling disputes between women and female related matters

Popular proverbs and adages


The Iyase is seen to be the title holder of the warrior of the town this title is given to a person from the Okpala clan (ruling c...

0 History


The traditional king maker of the entire Onisha Olona community. the Obi of Onicha Olona

An Iyase (Enu-ani: iyese) is a crowned Okpala ("ruling class")warrior in Onicha Olona. The Iyase title is collected by all villages of Onicha Olona but the Iyase of Ogbekenu is seen as supreme above all others and thus assumes the responsibility of crowning the Obi.

The most senior person in the Okpala clan carries the title of the Nze (The Administrator of the village). The Nze ideology is shared round the six villages of Onicha Olona. The Nze corronates the Iyase of the village and in turn the Iyase of Ogbekenu corronates the Obi of Onicha Olona.

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